Lottery or Lotto Syndicates Described

We now have talked a good deal regarding lottery syndicates. However, there are quite a few people who still do not really comprehend the basic concept of this fantastic method of enhancing likelihood of winning considerable amounts. This short article will try to provide information to ensure that a lay individual will certainly know a bit more about how syndicate works.

Basic meaning of syndicate
A lottery syndicate basically indicates a collection or group of players which pool their own resources and purchases lottery tickets. The actual earnings, if any, are distributed equally or even according to the share holding in the syndicate. For example a syndicate has TWENTY gamers and the group purchases tickets and luckily one of the tickets wins a jackpot of $ 20 million; in such a case the every person in the group gets One million each. In case two tickets win $20 million and $10 million, then every associate gets one and half million each. Generally the organizers manage every thing in the syndicate and people just have to contribute for his or her share and relax and hope they or one of them is victorious.

How do syndicate work
You buy shares in the syndicate. In case you own two shares then you are entitled to 2 shares in the winning amount.

What kinds of lotteries have syndicates?
Generally a lottery that has $10 million or above as minimum starting jackpot has syndicates.

Do we get tickets when playing in a syndicate?
Indeed, when you own shares within a syndicate you get scanned copies of all of the tickets purchased through the syndicate. The original tickets are stored in lockers or in certain secure place by the auditors of the syndicate.

How much does it cost?
Well, the cost depends upon the amount of shares you have within a syndicate. All winnings are transferred without deducting any amount towards processing and managing the syndicate.

What exactly are odds of winning in comparison with playing solo?
Well, chances tend to be pretty good whenever you play within a syndicate, as the syndicate will generally purchase more than TWENTY tickets at a time.

How about the result?
Anytime there is any win, the syndicate managers or organizers get in touch with through e-mail or even text message. In case there exists a major win like a jackpot, an immediate phone call is made to the members of the syndicate to inform about the change in fortunes.

What happens whenever a jackpot is won by the syndicate?
The syndicate manager claims the actual winnings on behalf of all the members. The money is then divided based on the number of shares owned by specific members and subsequently transferred to their bank accounts. Taxes if any are subtracted and net amount is actually transferred.

Is Playing Lotto Safe and sound in Western world

There was a time when people if they happen to have to experience a lotto they had to in physical form travel to different nations and participate in the particular lotto. However, since 1990 governments throughout Western world noticed that there needed to be a central body that might give you a safe atmosphere to players as well as participants so that the need to journey ended up being lessened and ticket purchases and settlements could be gathered in a safe fashion.

Consequently was born the European Lottery Guild to offer a complete service to Eu consumers. The ELD provides automatic notices in addition to frequent updates about the outcome on its web site. the ELD on its own doesn't manage any lotteries of its own, but makes it possible for online players to pick a lottery, pick the numbers, and leave all the rest to ELD. Online players themselves don�t have to worry about outcomes or any other other process as the ELD manages other matters.

The ELD uses state-of-art software to be able to thousands and thousands of entries per minute. A dedicated team of support service professionals offer you valuable service to all its consumers.

Playing lotteries in The eu is considerably better than it was say More than 20 years back, thanks to the truly great work of ELG or European Lotteries Guild. Each of the lotteries obtainable through ELG are safe and officially sanctioned by the respective governing bodies of the countries of Eu. The gamer simply is required to make his or her entry and the ELG web site lodges the entry with the appropriate national online lottery network. A detailed verification is delivered to the consumer.

Should you succeed a lottery after the results are released, you are guaranteed to receive the full value of your earnings. The best part is that you simply don�t have to pay any sort of taxes or any processing service fees to ELG.

In the event that conversion of money is what troubles you, you don�t have to be worrying because the ELG handles that too. Playing lottery inside Eu is currently highly secure as a result of appearance of an organization like the ELG. It is not merely safe, but extremely precise, trustworthy, and also useful.

In order to stop scammers and swindles the European Lottery Guild frequently offers its customers with advice to protect yourself from scams. Its ever vigilant character has made certain lots of people have received their own millions after having won them.

All this support comes at an exceptionally small price tag to the gamer. For every entry you choose via the ELG the cost of administering and processing your earnings just in case you win are usually covered. People don�t need to pay anything after the earnings.

Services through the guild are assured for no additional charge. If you happen to succeed and wish to remain private, your personal privacy is safeguarded and the guild will never disclose your image or your name unless you confirm with a written permission.

Over-all playing lotto in The european union has never been more safe and risk-free, thanks to the endeavors of the EG.

Is Internet Wagering All That Awful

Wagering or not is a matter of personal choice. No-one can compel you to bet in case you don�t like to take a chance. A few gamble as a occupation, while some do it for fun as well as amusement. However, with the world-wide-web wagering has assumed certain critical dimensions the fact that authorities and city community across the world may be compelled to review this problem once again. An important debate is actually flaming throughout the developed and underdeveloped world whether to suppress or at least leash internet gambling.

There exists a basic agreement among the decision makers and people in politics that Class III gambling that has games such as black jack, poker, electronic slots, and many others are usually harmful and need some kind of oversight to avoid problems for gamers. This is due to the fact that these online games and the marketers exploit the vulnerabilities of online players to profit.

Given this predicament it has been opted by all concerned that more research ought to be carried out on the ill-effects of gaming. It has also been determined men and women really should be informed pertaining to abnormal betting and its effects. There are many social researchers that see the ill-effects associated with wagering significantly outweigh benefits associated with wagering and should as a result be prohibited.

The question then is: are bans useful? Well, the clear cut reply to this particular thought is NO as bans basically drive this sort of activities underground where it gets even more complicated to observe as well as regulate, as a result maximizing the societal costs.

Till such time that there is apparent comprehensive agreement on this dilemma quite a few nations and group of nations around the world encourage the practice of safe wagering. There are lottery guilds which often recommend secure practices that are both ethical and socially realistic. Awareness drives of the harmful effects of gambling is also at this point the duty of the people that encourage internet gaming.

In case you are in the usa or in The european union you would run into a number of lotto games where you can play lotto and win millions of dollars in cash payouts. This is a fairly safe bet in comparison to various hardcore gaming opportunities. Here you pay for a ticket and take a chance to win millions of Euros/Dollars. One of several safest places to experience this kind of game in The european union is EuroLotto.

EuroLotto is actually managed by the Swedish Cherry company and is absolutely reliable. is the internet site where you could play a number of games and gain millions. Additionally, it is a place where you can satisfy your individual lust for wagering in a safe and sound fashion. The internet site promotes healthier betting and discourages people that have a predisposition to bet intensively.

For more information about the organization as well as its policies have a look at and get going.

In Defense of Gambling online

During these severe financial circumstances if we were to commit to dispose off an industry which adds up vast amounts to state kitty, we may be doing our self and also our own modern society tremendous problems. The massive amounts of taxes accumulated on winnings and tickets by authorities globally proceeds to fund essential services that aid people all over the world. These are times of ridiculous budget cuts and if in this situation we decide to prohibit betting or more importantly online gambling we'll be judged extremely severely by history. We all owe it to our present and also near future generation that we never take this misstep and do things in a rush.

On-line gaming or maybe gambling online has increased greatly in the past Few years and yes it exhibits no symptoms of going slower. As a result of the availability of bandwidth online poker as well as other online games undoubtedly are a trend globally. This is a expanding sector in some nations, a sunrise industry in some, and a full-fledged industry in others. However in just about all countries it is giving substantive amounts to the state exchequer, thus helping finance social programmes.

People that focus on the ill-effects regarding betting would likely do well to recognize that this industry has taken the responsibility of training game enthusiasts on safe and sound gambling practices. A large number of gaming organizations not only protect their people, but in addition educate as well as promote risk-free wagering behaviors.

Another important thing which advocates of Betting bans ought to understand is the fact that their pursuits happen to be threatening probably the most basic legal rights of individuals � freedom. Wagering or not betting must and is an issue of personal liberty. If we permit our independence be trampled by governments then we shall soon find ourselves on a slippery downward slope. Sure we do respect the right of other individuals that hold the belief that wagering or gambling online is awful and detrimental for society. However, what we don�t honor is the right of such very well intentioned individuals to use the authorities machinery to prevent men and women from becoming rich.

On-line video gaming or online gambling has all the controls like permits and legislation to see that it doesn�t spiral uncontrollable. There is also a mechanism in most nations to get the much needed tax and take care of the interests of those who win as well as gamers.

Considering this type of inescapable fact it is vital that on the web gaming in addition to gambling portals as well as internet sites must ensure safe and sound betting alternatives for its members. In Europe as an example there is EuroLotto which is certainly amongst the high quality websites which offers secure gambling options for Europeans. This company is managed by Swedish Cherry Company and offers bank guarantee to its users that win. The jackpots are not obscenely massive and the internet site promotes secure and safe gambling.
For additional information pay a visit to https:// or

Tips on how to Win Millions in Lotto

Almost every other day there are millions of Euros that could be earned by lotto players around the globe, and the best part is a few wise online players do gain large volumes and treat lotto as additional revenue in addition to their day jobs. If this sounds news to you then you definitely have no idea what is going on in the lottery world around you.

Sure lottery or perhaps lotto is often a activity of probability, nonetheless there's a method where you could increase your chances by being somewhat clever and enhancing likelihood of winning. However, there is not any fool-proof strategy, if it appeared to be so, Lotto as a enterprise may have been non-viable. What you can do is definitely make an effort to boost your probabilities to gain amounts which will put additional income in your bank. If you think maybe you can invent a system or perhaps calculate the jackpot numbers performing a few deft challenging maths, forget it! It�s very unlikely.

Let�s check out how you can transform your probabilities. You have to be ready to study a little bit, and if researching in a structured way is simply not your cup of tea, this article is not for you.

Virtually all lotto numbers usually are random, however, they do form a style after a while and it is an easy task to differentiate numbers that show up more frequently as compared to ones that will hardly ever come in the winnings. Work out the chances of the numbers that are successful. In case the probability of the number 6 is about 70% when compared to no 1, which has a probability of only Five % then this means that every time you end up picking the number 6 you now have a 70% chance that 6 shall be among the list of lucky numbers. In a similar fashion the number 1 will assure you triumph only 5 percent of times you choose it.

The next tip is to observe the distribution of odd and even numbers in the successful results. Approximately 3 percent of the final results may have all odd numbers or all even numbers. It therefore makes sense that you have a proper mixture of odd and even numbers. The proportion might be 3 odd numbers with 2 even numbers or it could actually also be Two odd numbers and 3 even numbers.

In the same way you will see that not every lucky numbers are low in value or high in value within a given final result. The possibilities of all the Five numbers being either low or high value is only 3 percent. Therefore mix your numbers and select numbers in the very same ratio as you determined odd and even numbers.

Another method should be to form pools of competitors and play different number blends as a association. Every single player provides his or her chance to the table and as you raise the number of people within your group, you stand an improved opportunity to make money in comparison with whenever you play single. However, the catch here is you have to share your takings with all the members of the team. This can be much better than playing alone and losing every thing.

These are just some of the strategies you could utilize. There of course are definitely more strategies that you could utilize. Scour the internet to check out useful articles or blog posts on how to increase your odds and then formulate your own personal strategy. You'll earn more than you might have all of these years.

Gambling � Lotto Alternatives on Offer for your needs at Eurolotto.Com

Gaming in European countries is definitely going through a paradigm adjustment, on account of EuroLotto. EuroLotto is offering Europeans a never before gaming experience, thanks to their extensive experience, over 10 years. A completely fresh casino experience is available for everyone in European countries.

EuroLotto has established a brand new online casino that guarantees fun and pleasure to any or all those that understand the significance of wagering responsibly. They have dipped deep into their working experience and skills to fish out ideas and practices that men and women are looking for in the case of online gambling.

The signing up process is simple and you are set to play securely in a few minutes. Your money happen to be safe and sound, and it is a breeze to deposit as well as withdraw your money when you would like. The best part is there will not be any pre-conditions that happen to be silly. So, what more do you want?

The fact of the matter is that the games happen to be created and designed keeping the online gamer in mind. It really is no real surprise that gamers all over Europe as well as the entire world rate this web site as the best ever.

To top everthing EuroLotto has made a mindful choice to focus on guaranteeing people play safely, as a result making wagering both worthwhile and also interesting. So, what are the alternatives offered at

Well, you could have an opportunity to play Lotto, Scratch Cards, Keno, and Casino

This really is Europe�s major everyday lottery ever. All you need to do is decide on 5 various fortunate numbers and also a couple of your chosen characters, and you are set to win millions of €.
One out of every ten tickets is a successful in this game. The ticket on its own costs a mere 2 €. You need to decide on five numbers (digits) in addition to two letters. You can make manual choice or simply make use of the random number and letter generator on the website. Your ticket is then registered in the online players account area; however, it is advisable to login before your ticket can be registered. Afterward there's a draw every day at 20: 00 CET. You may make your ticket purchase right up to 18: 00 hrs CET. The final results will be announced every day after 20: 00 CET each and every day.

If you happen to be the blessed winner you stand to gain millions and your annuitized prize will probably be paid out to you personally over a period of 29 years. However, the first payment will likely be made within the first 30 days of the draw. It is not a case of all or absolutely nothing; you could win awards even though all the number and also albhabets don�t match up. Even if you are lucky to match 4 digits as well as two letters you stand to gain substantive sums. In case you are able to match up merely one number and the two albhabets don�t match, you will still are entitled to 2 Euros, which is the cost of your ticket.

Isn�t that terrific!!

For more specific options and information, please take a moment off and visit and also read the main points. You will not be remorseful you spent 15 minutes of your life, as you will now have chance to win millions of € and plan your own personal retirement life!

Have A Great Time playing Lottery at the Totally Trusted Australia Lotto Internet site

Playing Australian Lotto nationwide or perhaps many countries no more requires you to definitely drive around searching for a lottery ticket vendor. You can actually play the best lotto games at the best australian lotto website while remaining seated with your cozy chair in your own home.

Top Australian Lotteries offer life-changing Jackpot Prizes that may begin with One million Australian Dollars and touch 100 Million Dollars. Moreover, you'll be able to choose from a wide range of exciting lotto games that provide colossal jackpot prizes as well as other huge winnings too.

However, the web may be a dangerous place should you not know best places to enjoy these thrilling games of lotto since scam websites can disappear along with your winnings instantly. Factors to consider which you enjoy playing various lotto games only at

This dependable website promotes various lotteries offered by TMS Global Services PTY Limited and TMS New South Wales, a pair of Australia’s top lottery exporters which have been from the lottery industry for over Two decades. These trusted companies have piled up a loyal database of over 500,000 customers across 40 countries. Your website too is a member of Australia’s top technology company, Jumbo Interactive that's regularly audited as it is a subsidiary of an publicly listed company.

You can enjoy playing various lotto games like Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Saturday Lotto, OZ Lotto, Powerball, as well as other thrilling games like the $2 and $5 Jackpot Lottery. Playing at frees you against fretting about actually receiving your winnings in your account and permits you to enjoy each game for the fullest.

Oceanialotteries displays vital information of all lotto games available including past results, upcoming games using draw dates, jackpot prize amounts, and useful tips on playing different lotto games. Membership to this particular reliable lottery website is cost-free and you can actually earn Lotto Points once you registered as a member. These points could be redeemed against future lottery tickets or be played lotto games for free depending on your accumulated points. You simply need to put 10 AUD in your account to begin playing your favorite lotto game. allows players from around 40 countries to try out and win some serious money on the internet. However, at the moment players from the USA aren't allowed. You as well should confirm if the country allows online lotto before you decide to play with this dependable website. You anyway must be over 18 years to start out playing different lotto games only at that user-friendly website. The best part is that you could play your chosen lotto games on the 24/7 basis without putting things off or fuel to truly buy tickets from the local lottery ticket seller. lotto calculator software

Even though the internet does offer a wonderful and convenient option to play various lotto games from the comfort of your home, playing these games at the completely reliable website must be your first priority. One trusted Australian lottery website that has rewarded winners since 2 full decades is You simply demand a few clicks to go to this innovative website, change into its member free of charge, and begin playing lotto games which could allow you to 100 Million Dollars richer in a very limited time.

Gambling � Scratch cards, Casino, Keno Lotto Options available in Eurolotto.Com

Gaming within European countries is actually experiencing a paradigm shift, thanks to EuroLotto. EuroLotto is offering Europeans a never before gaming experience, thanks to their extensive experience, over 10 years. A totally brand new casino experience is available for individuals in Europe.

EuroLotto has created a brand new casino online which ensures fun and excitement to all those that comprehend the meaning of gambling responsibly. They have dipped deep into their experience and knowledge to fish out ideas and practices that people are searching for when it comes to online gaming.

The actual registration procedure is quite simple and you also are set to play safely within a matter of minutes. Your funds tend to be secure, and it is very simple to deposit as well as take away your funds whenever you would like. The best part is there tend to be no pre-conditions which are irrational. So, what more would you like?

The fact of the matter is that the games are developed and designed keeping the game lover in mind. It really is no surprise that players all over European countries as well as the world rate this website among the best ever.

To top everything EuroLotto has made a mindful decision to pay attention to ensuring people play responsibly, therefore making gambling both profitable as well as enjoyable. So, what are the options on offer at

Well, you have the option to try out Lotto, Scratch Cards, Keno, as well as Casino

Aside from Lotto you can try your fortune at Scratch Cards, Online casino, as well as Keno

Scratch Cards
All you need is actually 5 pennies to take a shot at earning/winning as much as 5 million Euros. Perhaps the best scratch cards online, you are pampered for option right here. Some of the scratch cards that you could attempt are:
Silver Streak, Lucky Triple, Treasure Hunt, King for a Day, The Lost Pyramid, Tribble, Precious Little Diamond, Bowled over, Bunny Boiled, Holiday Cash, Crypt Crusade, Dawn of the Bread, Foam Fortunes, Freezing Fuzzballs, Golden ghouls, Granny Prix, Hairy Fairies, Lucky Numbers, Big Break, Cashapillar, Scratch Card, and 7 Gold Scratch.
Among these some of the most popular are Lucky Triple, Silver Streak, Treasure hunt, King for a day, Precious little diamond, 7 Gold scratch, The lost pyramid, Holiday Cash, Lucky Numbers, as well as Tribble.

Six scratch cards games possess some of the maximum awards and are loved by numerous.

Online casino area offers slots, jackpot games, video poker, and table games. The list is too massive to mention each one of these individually. Check-up the website and get a first hand feel for the same!

Likewise the Keno area offers keno, bingo, and casual, with every sub-section having more than three options.

The plethora of options is sure to boggle the mind of the very most passionate gaming player.

Isn�t that great!!

For more detailed options and info, please take some time off and visit and go through the facts. You will not be remorseful you spent A quarter-hour of your life, as you will have the chance to win millions of Euros and plan your pension!

Gamble Responsibly Usually do not Go Overboard

Ever so often you hear of a buddy or a relative that has developed a betting problem and you wonder �Gosh what makes them risk so much?� You feel this is essential as you want to do your little bit to help the person having the gambling problem. Well, before you make an effort to assist, you should know a few things about betting dependancy.

Why people get addicted to betting?

The majority of gamblers experience losses after losses. And in their attempt to make up for the losses these people take bigger risks, thus leading to even heavier losses. This is a vicious cycle and usually people don�t realize this till it is too late.

What makes all of them take big chances?

To be honest everyone wants to become rich without working for it. However, gamblers are under the illusion they can manage chance. These people don�t understand that regardless how smart or even expert they are chance is actually under no one�s control. Gamblers are also under the illusion they are actively playing a game of skill, however, betting is really a game of chance and not skill.

What drives them?

It is natural in human character to take a few chances. And everybody loves to succeed. Everybody remembers their own wins, no matter how insignificant they may be, however easily forget their big losses. The lure of the large jackpot drives these folks.

Who are prone to becoming addicted?

Generally those that go on a fantastic spree or phase earlier in their gambling careers are more inclined to get hooked on gambling.

Does luck truly change over time?

Luck as well as chance can not be forecasted. Gamblers often think that the following big win is around the corner; however, these people don�t realize that by the time their own luck changes they will have lost every thing.

As you have now observed gambling really does affect your own personal as well as professional life. If you wish to have all the fun associated with gambling without being hooked and losing your shirt, it is best you play at responsible websites such as This is perhaps the only place in European countries where one can have a great time as well as earn millions without bothering about being swindled. EuroLotto is actually owned by the Swedish Cherry company. Visit for more details.

EuroLotto promotes accountable gambling in a safe and secure environment. The games tend to be specifically designed in such a way that you stay in control all the time. Each and every game which is created and released on the site is monitored closely to ensure that people do not lose great deals of funds without ever getting a return.

EuroLotto ensures that you are in firm control of your spending and that you are having fun. Their viewpoint is that gaming should be fun and they are committed to stopping underage gamers from actively playing on their website.

Overall is an extremely good example of how responsible gaming companies must be. So, whenever you get the desire to test your own luck, go check out and take a small chance.

Gamble responsibly at

The words gambling and responsibility generally don�t go with each other. However, there is a difference between gambling for fun and obsessive compulsive gambling. It goes without saying that the latter is inherently harmful to the person as well as to those around the individual.

So when does gambling for fun take a turn for the worse and become an issue? Well, before we answer that question we have to comprehend human nature. People are risk takers, thanks to our oversized and highly developed brains that can figure out possible gains for risks taken. Given our highly evolved nature we gamble for 2 reasons � to seek exhilaration and to be social. The need for excitement originates from our natural predatory instinct that is managed by our primitive brain. The neurotransmitter dopamine is released in our brain that gives us a high and we look for excitement. Whenever a predator is hunting for a prey the neurotransmitter dopamine is released and keeps the predator from distraction. However, when the gains, the prey, are made another neurotransmitter the endorphin, which produces a feeling of euphoria, is released. We get addicted to these types of chemical substances and the outcome is we become addictive or even irresponsible gamblers.

The classic symptoms of irresponsible gambling are:

* Excessive time and money spent on gambling

* Betting more than your sources of income

* Betting against high odds

* Losing sight of the chances of winning a particular bid

These days it is extremely easy to gamble, actually most people can now gamble on their smartphones. These days it is quite typical to see younger and aged play poker on their smartphone in a subway, on the bus stop, at the office, as well as in your own home. The ease at which betting is made possible can make it even more necessary to profess and recommend the advantages of accountable gambling. Websites like and are doing their little bit to promote healthy betting.

Here are few things you could do to prevent yourself from falling into the trap and become an irresponsible gambler:

* Always consider betting as a form of amusement, and not as a means of making a full time income.

* Gamble with the cash you have, don�t ever borrow for betting. Fix a limit you can afford to lose.

* Never gamble when you are depressed or even suffering from anxiety. Your judgment is bound to fail you.

* Designate a fixed time when you gamble. Don�t cross the time limit whether you succeed or even lose.

* Engage in other things to get your dose of endorphins. Pursue some other passions as well as hobbies.

* Learn to cut your losses by quitting. Never chase deficits within the hope of making up.

* Never gamble when intoxicated by alcohol or some other substances.

* Never use your Bank Debit or Charge card in order to gamble, always use cash that you could afford to lose.

As stated previously EuroLotto is doing great work in ensuring responsible betting. Seek out sites such as these or even better go only on such websites when you have the urge to gamble.

Remember the fundamental point of gambling is actually having fun and excitement. The experience needs to be positive, and the moment you realize you might be losing your perspective of time as well as cash, its about time to stop and take a step back!

Simple Method to Have a great time as well as Take a Shot at Making Millions

Europeans have never experienced it so good, at least the ones that take pleasure in gaming in a safe and secure environment. EuroLotto is here and is taking gaming experience to an altogether new level. is really a company that is owned by the Swedish Cherry Company. It is absolutely reliable and you can wager you will get all that is due to you in a timely manner.

In order to effectively run a great and safe organization such as eurolotto you need a lot of experience. Eurolotto has more than Ten years of experience in creating new online casino games. The experience they have gained is not only from developer�s viewpoint but additionally from a players as well as well as owner�s viewpoint. They are aware of what Europeans are searching for when gaming online and are continuously making efforts to improve the gaming experience.

You have to register at the site to play. However, registering at a gaming website has never been as easier as it is at EuroLotto. It is not only simpler to sign up at EuroLotto, it is easy to play as well as seek help when you need it. Withdrawing your earnings is easy and fast and happens in the way you anticipate from a topnotch gaming site.

There exists a huge assortment of games at EuroLotto. The games are categorized in to four formats: Lotto, Scratch Cards, Keno, as well as Casino.

There are close to TWENTY ONE Scratch Card choices. There are over ONE HUNDRED slot options under the casino section, 14 Jackpot games in the Casino section, TWENTY video poker games in the casino section, and 31 table games within the Casino section. Similarly the Keno section offers TWENTY games in total which includes 4 Keno games, 5 Bingo games, and 11 Casual games.

EuroLotto has made a commitment to promote accountable gaming experience to Europeans. It is their commitment to make the games fun and profitable to its patrons. However, additionally they sound a word of caution �you can�t always win� and impress on their members that at times they stand to lose. However, responsible players appreciate the fact that losing can also be part of the fun.

Gamers are made conscious of the risks entailed in gaming and EuroLotto does a lot to make sure gamers don�t lose perspective of your time and money whenever playing on the internet. For those that get hooked on betting the site provides resources in order to wean compulsive players from this habit.

Over all if you want to have fun with friends and family by actively playing an activity of opportunity, EuroLotto offers you the best outlet that is both safe and secure in Europe.

Win Big with just one Trusted Australian Lottery Website

Australian lotteries offer mind-boggling lottery jackpot prizes which could go all the way to 100 Million AU Dollars. While only residents of Australia could earlier play various lotto games, the web provides you with a chance to play numerous these exciting games from most countries, provided you play with the trustworthy Australian lottery website.

At any time you want to receive your prize money that can include huge jackpot prizes ranging from 1 million to 100 million Australian Dollars then you'll need to play lotto only at This reliable website is actually an accredited seller of official Australian lotteries that is operated by Jumbo Interactive, an ASX listed company. The site is here.

Oceanialotteries offers a wide range of lotteries from two of Australias top lottery exporters, TMS Global Services PTY Limited and TMS New South Wales. Both these firms have given fun and enormous winnings to more than 500,000 happy customers in over 40 countries for a duration of 20 years. With so many reputable companies backing this trusted website, you should have a fun time instead of worrying about losing your private data or perhaps your money. On top of that, this website is protected with 128 bit SSL encryption.

Oceanialotteries provides a fabulous collection of lotto games to select from for example OZ Lotto, Monday Lotto, Saturday Lotto, Powerball, and Wednesday Lotto. Additionally, you may also go for other well-liked lotteries such as the $2 Jackpot Lottery plus the $5 Jackpot Lottery at this user-friendly website.

You can easily buy lotto tickets of your own favorite lotto game as soon as you register as a member with this website for free. You need to make a mere 10 AUD deposit to start playing from a number of exciting lotto games. Additionally, each lotto purchase will reward you with Lotto Points which can be redeemed against future ticket purchases in order to play free lotto games based on your accumulated points.

The lotto results would be displayed on when they are announced. Additionally, this innovative website also displays past results together with information on each upcoming lotto game with the result dates together with the jackpot prize money. You will also find strategies including lottery-related news at the website.

While players from over 40 countries are welcome to play various lotto games and take home mammoth prizes that include multi-million jackpot prizes, players from the USA are presently not allowed to play at You should check with authorities in your country before you play at this player-friendly lotto website. A few clicks will turn you into a member, enable you to buy lotto tickets, and wait for results that could forever change your life for the better.

The internet offers you a convenient, safe, and extremely comfortable option of playing Australian lotto without stepping out of your home. You can enjoy playing several lotto games at any time of the day or night and receive winnings in your own account once you win huge amounts that include the 100 million Jackpot on offer from OZ Lotto at Oceanialotteries. You can certainly win big at even as you have fun trying out various lotto games from the comfort of your cozy home.

The sadness of Lotto – The best Lotto On the globe is in trouble

After being in operation since 1995, it is with much sadness and remorse we inform you that the International Lottery in Liechtenstein Foundation (ILLF) has been forced to file for bankruptcy.

The changes in the economic environment and in the upcoming regulations to the new gaming law in Liechtenstein made it impossible for ILLF to operate with.

Thius means that both Liechtenstein Lotto, World Lotto Cooperation and the great Pluslotto is now closed.

This leave me and all other lotto players without a really good on-line lotto.  The guaranteed jackpott of EUR 20 millions is gone.

Where to play Lotto when ILLF is no more operating?

Do not play using a ticket agent. It is fully possible that the agent is just waiting for a jackpot to take the money. Most of them have fine prints so they can just keep your winnings and get away with it. But it is even easier just take the money.

You must play where you know that you get paid. There is only one company left that is safe to play with.

There is a lot to tell and it is already done - Please go to for complete information about the best on-line lotto tickets on the globe.

Status for now is:

For huge jackpots, here is where to play

For instant jackpot of EUR 250000

Most countries can play the PAF lotto.

The jackpott is EUR 250.000 + accumulation untill someone winn but it is still enough for a luxury lifetime.
Drawing is instant, it is not a weekly lottery. I anyway recommend to play once a week.
It is cheaper because jackpott is lower - so one can play more tickets and increase the chance of winning.

Click here to goto PAF Lotto

If you are located in Sweden you can play at Svenska Spel. Not as good but it is honest, it only pay back less to players.

Swedish: den som bor i Sverige kan spela på Svenska Spel, i varje fall tills ett nytt lotto kan erbjuda bättre villkor. Svenska spel behåller betydligt mer av insatsen, oddsen är alltså sämre. Drömvinsten är också ett spel för gallerierna, man måste både ha en lottorad och en lottvinst samtidigt - nästan omöjligt. Ändå händer det ibland. Men en lottovinst är det inte.

Svenska Spel är 100% ärligt och det är ytterst välskött. Min rekommendation är att spela på PAF lotto (dragningen är digital direkt när Du betalat) när Jackpotten på Svenska Spel är under 2 1/2 miljon och på Svenska spel när den är över 2 1/2 miljon. Spela alltid via Internet, även om Du missar dragningen så hamnar pengarna på Ditt konto. Du kan inte missa Din vinst eller tappa en kupong.

Klicka Här för att gå till Svenska Spel

Play lotto in Liechtenstein with a guaranteed prize of 20 million Euros

Give Luck a chance - play lotto in Liechtenstein with a guaranteed prize of over 20 million Euros

You can play the Liechtenstein Lotto simply via the Internet. For 6 balls + an additional number, there is a guaranteed minimum prize of 20 million Euros. The prize is insured with Lloyds, so even if somebody won the week before, the whole amount is always paid.

An amazing 60% goes back to the players in the form of winnings. For comparison; many others keep 60% instead. This means 50% more money in prizes with the Liechtenstein Lotto.

It only costs EURO 3 to Buy Lottery Tickets Online for one line. You can play 50 weeks in advance.

Compare this to most national lottos where you can play for 5 or 10 weeks ahead and the guaranteed prize is 1 million – if you are lucky enough to be an only winner. The Dream prizes (a very good name) of state lottos are smaller than a normal jackpot in the Liechtenstein Lotto.

As if this wasn't enough, the Liechtenstein Lotto is owned by a charity foundation. The surplus goes to the Red Cross. Every time you play, you make a well needed contribution to the Red Cross. Over 20 million Euros... that's my idea of a lotto prize. If you've won with a full line, you should become rich and financially independent for ever.

The Liechtenstein Lotto is one of the world's best lottos and has players from all over the world. The winner is determined randomly, that's how lotto works. The only thing that's for certain is that you've got to be in it to win it.

So give luck a chance and Buy Lottery Tickets Online as 20 million Euros is waiting for a lotto winner.

Click here to Buy Lottery Tickets Online at  Liechtenstein Lotto.

Play with Liechtenstein Lotto via the Internet

It’s easy to play with Liechtenstein Lotto on the Internet and you can even play in advance. You choose how many weeks, up to 50 weeks in the future.

Because it is very easy, I usually enter my line for 50 weeks at a time. 5 times better than our state lotto, which is usually a pretty good comparison. Thanks to the Internet, our state lottery has gotten a competitor: a really good lotto.


Click Here to get to the Liechtenstein Lotto (their domain name is shorter). Liechtenstein Lotto treats all details with the utmost secrecy.

Then click on Join Now to get to the page where you register yourself. Choose title and fill in first name, last name, e-mail and phone. Date of birth can be chosen from the pull-down menu. Then choose a username and a password. The password must be at least 4 characters and it is better to have more.

Then choose your country in the pull-down menu. Next, choose your currency in the menu, you can play in Euro, US Dollars and Schweizerfranc. I play in EURO, it’s a matter of personal taste.

The next pull-down menu is language, the default language is English. There are many other languages available.

Then come the security questions. These are questions that pop up sporadically when you log in, to increase security. You can change the questions to your own, which nobody can know the answer to.

Question 1 is already filled in with Mothers Maiden name. Under this (Answer 1) you write your answer – which must then match when you fill it in at a laterdate. You can change the question to anything, for example: my door number, what is the number on my petrol card? What is my dog’s name? etc.

Question 2 is already filled in with Place of Birth. Under this (Answer 2) you write your answer – which again you must then match when asked later. You could change the question to anything, for example: brand of my first car, my buddy’s phone number or something else that nobody else can know.

In the last box you can write the user name of another member if you have been recommended. You are welcome to write my username, which is strimla. But of course that box doesn’t have to be filled in to complete your registration.

When you have filled in all the details, you click on Continue. A thank you page will come up, click on Go ahead and Play.

You then come to the main page and can start playing. To play you must have money in your account. The easiest way is to transfer over some money with your credit card.

Click on Account up on the right-hand side.

Under Deposit, click on Credit/Debit card.
Choose Visa or Mastercard or Visa Eletron.
Fill in your details.
Enter how much you want to put into your account. If you want to play for the next 10 weeks, put in 30 dollars (or CHF or EURO) and it’s done.

Click on Make a deposit

When you’ve put money into your account, go to the first page and click on Go lotto - weekly lotto. That's the lottery.

Click Here to get to Liechtenstein Lotto

The Liechtenstein Lotto prize is all tax-free

Like all lotto prizes within the EU and the EES, the first Prize of the Liechtenstein Lotto is also tax-free. That means you can win over 20 million Euros - tax-free.

To make sure that the tax authorities are interpreting the law correctly, I wrote an e-mail to ask them, and this is the answer I got:

Answering your e-mail to Tax Office:



If you have won a lottery arranged within the EU/EES region, the prize is not taxable, just like internal ones. These are the conditions:

The term ”lottery” is defined in the lottery act. Lottery means a business where one or more participants, with or without a stake, can win a higher amount than the others. Included in this term are drawing of lots, guessing, betting and similar activities, market and funfair games, bingo games, gambling machines, roulette, dice games, card games, chain letter games, and similar games. These are examples – there are, of course, others. However, skill games such as pool, bridge and chess are not covered by this category.

A “Foreign lottery” may be defined as your participation in foreign lotteries according to the lottery act - foreign winnings from horse betting and poker etc., are to be considered “foreign lottery”

The lottery has to be held by a physical person living in an EU/EES country or by a foreign judicial person belonging to an EU/EES country. In practice, it would concern winnings from established foreign gambling companies (bookmakers), over the Internet. The fact that betting or gambling with a foreign bookmaker actually takes place on a server outside the EU/EES region, does not call for different rules to one that it is a foreign lottery arranged within an EU/EES country.

Kind Regards

Tax Office

Myths about how to increase your chances of winning at lotto

These are the 2 best known myths:

By playing the same number every week you increase your chances of winning for every week you play

It isn’t true. Every new lotto draw starts with exactly the same conditions. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s the same line or a new line- the likelihood of winning is exactly the same and is governed completely by chance. There is only one way to increase your chances of winning – by playing more lotto lines. So playing the same number every week is very common and I do so myself – it’s so practical and easy.

The winning numbers can be predicted by mathematicians and computers

This is not true. The winning numbers in lotto are chosen randomly and cannot be predicted.

Now let’s leave the myths and look at how players usually play lotto.

Do people play the same number on lotto?

Are the chosen lotto lines completely random or are there similarities? Do some numbers get chosen more often than others?

Yes, certain combinations are played more often than others. The combination 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 is popular, if that line wins there will be many who share the prize money.

The following numbers are over represented on coupons, in decreasing order with the absolutely most common number (21) first:

21 9 27 3 8 15 17 28 22 16 10 33 26 11 4 5 14 7 29 2

If you want to create a completely random line then you could make small paper notes with numbers on them, mix them and draw out one number at a time. With the Liechtenstein Lotto you just press a button and completely random lines are generated. If you’re not happy with them, you just press again, and a new line comes up.

Randomly generated lines (which don't contain several of the numbers on the list) increase your chances of being the sole winner.

Don't forget that to have any possibility of winning you must to go on and play.

Click Here to get to Liechtenstein Lotto

Choosing The Right Lotto

How to choose the right lotto

There are many lotteries to choose from. State lotteries which have a monopoly within the country are closest and easiest. But these give less money back to the players and also lower prizes.

That’s how it is when the controller and the owner are one and the same – the government. The whole point is to take advantage of the monopoly to get as much money as possible from the players.

Small sums are guaranteed if you are the sole winner. Apart from the fact that the sum is too small in the first place, you may not even be the only winner. So there you are with enough money to buy a Fiat Uno when you really should have become filthy rich and financially independent for the rest of your life. So many state lotteries are ruled out straight away.

We want to make it easy for ourselves so we play on the Internet. And there are a lot of lotteries to choose from out there. The problem is that nearly all foreign lotteries require you to play via a third party! That is, you give your money to someone else and that person is supposed to send the prize money to you if you win. Let's hope they send you your 15-20 million EURO.

Maybe this happens in fairy tales- men reality doesn’t work like that, do they? Well, if an agent in the USA takes your money you can’t even report them – only an American citizen can do that. How many "agents" are waiting around hoping that someone will win so that they can disappear with the prize money? Quite a few, I think. Never play in a foreign lottery through a third party.

Maybe you play through a bookmaker and think that it’s safe? I play professionally on sports part-time and have learned sure bets at and the start of my method at (you either win or get your money back)

I win all the time (you get my sports betting method for free at and really know bookmakers. I have begun calling most of them "pay-in only bookmakers" or “circus bookmakers”. They harass winners by lowering their bets. On Sportingbet "Bookmaker of the year" I'm allowed to bet EURO 2. And for BlueSquare I can bet EURO 3. But I’ve stopped using a whole heap of them. Most of bookmakers should have a sign on their website with the text: Only Loosers are Welcome.

Other bookmakers are more or less bandits. Bets4all refused to pay out my winnings. Internet1X2 did the same thing. Vierklee, Play it, Goldbet and others have waited till I won, then cancelled the winning bet with reference to tiny details in the small print in the slave contract that everyone has to approve before being allowed to play. That is the reality with the majority of bookmakers (If you play on sport check the only recommended ones here at – Gert Gambells Good Bookmaker List which is the best – but remember that if you win a lot, 90% of the bookmakers will hassle you, read this list before betting.

I would never trust a bookmaker as my agent if I won 20 MILLION EURO.

You must personally play directly with the lottery company without a middleman. There must be big money prizes and the company must be a serious one. The jackpot must be guaranteed. I checked out the entire market for my own sake and found that the Liechtenstein Lotto satisfies all of this.

The Jackpot is insured by Lloyd’s of London. You are guaranteed to get 20 million EURO even if someone won the jackpot last week, you will get your winnings – the insurance covers it.

Liechtenstein Lotto is owned by The International Lottery in Liechtenstein Foundation, a charity organisation which is under governmental control. Part of every stake, plus the foundation profit goes to the Red Cross. It feels worthwhile to me because for every line I play I actually also help someone and even save lives.

All the members’ (players’) money is in a separate account in the Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG

Switzerland and Liechtenstein share a common currency, customs, post and a few other things. They also share bank laws, which means that the banks in Liechtenstein are amongst the best in the world, with full bank secrecy. Your playing money is in safe storage and if you win you can get help to invest the money in the best possible way.

You play via the Internet and simply pay with your credit card (there are several other ways of paying too). High winnings and returns start at 3 balls. A whole 60 % goes back to the players, compared to others lottos which actually retain 60 %.

Not only is the jackpot enormous, also around every 6th ticket wins. Because with 2 balls right, you win a free ticket for another draw.

It’s so easy to play and within a few seconds you can get randomly chosen lines ready to play for the next 50 weeks. You can even play the lotto system without all of the work of having to fill in a heap of forms by hand, their computer does all the work for you.

I’ve been playing for a few years and have won a few small prizes. The prize drawings can be seen on-line in real time on the website. These are then saved so you can see the drawing on your computer whenever you want. Your winning messages come as an email. All prize money is automatically put into your account.

Click Here to get to Liechtenstein Lotto

What To Do With Small Lotto Winnings

What to do with small lotto winnings

There are 3 things you can do when you win small sums:

1. Let the small amounts stay in your account until the next time you want to play.

2. Play some more lotto and increase you chances of winning

3. Donate the amount to the Red Cross.

The choice is up to you. Personally, I usually play some more lotto so that I have a greater chance of winning the jackpot, while at the same time knowing that 40% of my money goes to charity.

Click Here to get to Liechtenstein Lotto

Play Lotto – Do A Good Deed For Yourself And Others

Play Lotto – Do a good deed for yourself and others

Change your lottery playing to the government controlled Liechtenstein Lotto. Liechtenstein Lotto is owned by Die International Lotterie in Liechtenstein Stiftung. This is a foundation which works with charity and donates money to the Red Cross. Every time you play lotto you do a good deed.

Liechtenstein Lotto is also greatly superior to many other European lotteries. For one thing, it has a guaranteed jackpot of 20 million EURO.

Repayment to all who play is 60 %. Many other lotteries keep 60 %. So there is 50 % more money available for prizes.

If you win on Liechtenstein Lotto then you and yours will basically become financially independent for the rest of your life.

The prize money goes into your account and you can transfer it to Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG. This is one of the safest banks in the world - for example there is complete bank secrecy and they give you investment advice. So the money will last the rest of your life and maybe even a few more generations.

Give luck a chance – play once a week. If you don't win then you’ve done a good deed anyway. Firstly, part of the money you play with goes to the Red Cross. After that all the profit from the foundation also goes to the Red Cross and charity. That's a big difference compared to other lotteries who take 50 % more of your money and take advantage of their monopoly in order to make as much money as possible from you.

Playing the national Liechtenstein Lotto means those lotto winnings come in more often and in larger sums. In addition, as a bonus, this lotto site is charity based which means that the donations will help the red cross in their charity work.

Click Here to get to Liechtenstein Lotto