Lottery is really a game of chance and all around theworld people love to try their luck and win big bucks without working for it. Just a handful of nations do not allow lotteries and it must not be too hard to guess which all those countries tend to be. People in general prefer to dream these types of desires do become a reality by means of lotteries. There are numerous instances of people becoming millionaires overnight by winning mega million lottery.

In case you are one that does not frown upon this game of chance you can play lottery and become a millionaire. The key would be to know where and how to try out these types of lotteries. More vital than both of these questions is actually knowing which lotteries tend to be most respected and assure you get paid when you win.

The general rule of thumb is that the more you play the more the chance for winning. You may already know lottery is really a game of possibility, therefore until you play you don�t stand to win. There is a misunderstanding that you can only play your state lottery. This, however, is not really true. These days you can play foreign lotteries and collect all of your earnings after paying taxes. There are specific sites like that allow you to play lotteries in various countries. This really is completely legal and transparent.

Here are some of the best lotteries in the world

Powerball: This is said to be the big daddy of all lotteries. This United States lottery is the most well-known in the US. Huge jackpots are typical feature of the lottery and the organizers/promoters of this lottery are constantly pushing the envelope as far as the actual jackpot amounts are concerned. More than $5 billion dollars have been distributed as first prize so far.

Mega Millions Lotto
This is the 2nd most popular lottery within North America. Both US as well as non-US citizens can play this particular lottery, however, winners have to pay taxes at a flat rate of 25%.

EuroMillions Lotto
This is a pan-European lottery and typically pays an excellent first prize as well as low level secondary prize. However, the chance of winning something with this lottery is actually 1/24. Since 2012 there is a cap on the Jackpot amount at 190 million Euros. The best part is the earnings are tax free for all gamers which are not citizens of Switzerland.

This lottery had been started as a competition to the EuroMillions in 2012. The lottery primarily began to service those players from North and Eastern European countries who could not play the EuroMillions. Chances of winning here are much better than most other lottries.

UK National Lotto
This lottery does not tax UK citizens on the winnings. However, other nation citizens are taxed according to their own country laws. This particular lottery is not really owned by the government, instead it is run just like a company and hence the jackpot is growing bigger every year. This particular lottery has the distinction of making more than 2500 people millionaires till date.

This is the safest as well as best lottery available to people of Europe. The odds are also much better than most lotteries and also the pay out is assured. This particular lottery is actually owned by the Swedish Cherry company and is completely trustworthy. If you want more info visit or