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Give Luck A Chance To Win Lotto

I, (Gert Gambell) can count and I know what odds are. So I’m fully aware that the likelihood of winning at lotto is one in several million. But I always play one line a week anyway, and sometimes more. And I recommend to my friends that they do the same. Why?

Well, someone has to win. It's completely random, it can be the first time you play or you might have played for 200 years. But I believe in giving luck a chance. It costs so little that I can all afford it, and the prize money is incredibly high. The only way to get a chance of winning is to play.

So I play every week and will continue to do so forever. What we become in life and many of the things that happen to us are decided purely by chance. A lot is what we call luck. Even lotteries are decided by chance. So I say “Give luck a chance” - play Liechtenstein Lotto and aim to win the jackpot.